Volunteer Policy

We are truly grateful to the many volunteers who serve in the children’s ministry of Solomon Lutheran School. It is our desire to make Solomon’s activities the BEST time of every child’s week by teaching them about the incredible love of God, and by providing programs and activities that help them grow both personally and spiritually.

It is with the help of volunteers that we provide a safe environment where the children can enjoy great learning and loving relationships through their church and school activities.

In order to protect the children we serve, and in response to certain legal requirements, we have developed a screening process for our volunteers.

In accordance with the Ohio Revised Code, Solomon will utilize the “best practices” set forth by the Ohio Community Service Council. All current and potential volunteers will be required to complete:

    • Notice of Receipt of Ohio Revised Code 109.575

Current and potential volunteers who have regular unsupervised access to children will also be required to complete:

    • Solomon Volunteer Application
    • Privacy Policy and Release by Prospective Volunteer
    • A BCII (and FBI backgrounds check if the potential volunteer has lived out of state within the last 5 years).

Unsupervised” means that “no person 18 years or older is present in the same room with the child and/or if outdoors, no other person 18 years or older is within a 30 yard radius of the child or has visual contact with the child.”

The following Solomon volunteer positions have been identified as having regular unsupervised access to children and will require the completion of the Solomon Volunteer Application, Privacy Policy and Release by Prospective Volunteer and fingerprint checks:

  • Basketball Coaches
  • Cheerleading Advisor
  • Athletic Director
  • Overnight Camp Volunteers

Potential volunteers with regular unsupervised access to children will be required to complete the forms and background checks prior to placement into the volunteer position. Background checks will be redone every five years.

Required forms will be given to current and potential volunteers by the Christian Day School Administrator, the chairperson of the sponsored event or the classroom teacher.

Completed forms and background check information will be reviewed by the Solomon School Administrator to determine the suitability of the volunteer to participate in children’s activities at Solomon.

If it is discovered through any method (fingerprint checks, references, county checks, self-disclosure, or otherwise) that a volunteer has a felony record of one the offenses listed within the legislation, the employee will be disqualified from the position. See Attachment “A” for the list of disqualifiers.

Volunteers are responsible for the payment of their background checks, unless otherwise specified.

Solomon is committed to protecting the privacy of its volunteers, and information will be kept secure and confidential in a locked file in the school administrator’s office. Access to personal information will be granted only to persons who legitimately need the information to evaluate suitability to be a volunteer in children’s activities at Solomon.

All volunteer positions will be reviewed to determine whether persons in the position will have unsupervised access to children annually and at the creation of any new position.

The Solomon Lutheran School Volunteer Policy will be reviewed annually by the Solomon Christian Day School Committee to remain in compliance will the “best practices” set forth by the Ohio Community Service Council and the Ohio Revised Code.

Information of Where and How to Obtain Checks can be obtained from the School Administrator.

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