Anti-Harassment, Anti-Intimidation and Anti-Bullying Policy

Therefore, you should treat people in the same way that you want people to treat you.

-Matthew 7:12a

Solomon Lutheran School is committed to providing a safe and civil Christian learning
environment free from harassment, intimidation or bullying for all students, employees, custodial parents/guardians, volunteers and visitors.


“Harassment, intimidation, or bullying” (HIB) refers to any intentional written, verbal, graphic, electronic or physical act that a student or group of students exhibited toward another student more than once and the behavior both:

  • Causes mental or physical harm to the other student; and
  • Is so severe, persistent or pervasive that it creates an intimidating, threatening or
    abusive educational environment for the student

“Electronic act” is defined as an act committed through use of a cellular telephone, pager, personal communication device, computer, or other electronic communication device.

“School -sponsored activity” refers to any activity that takes place on or off school property (including buses/other school vehicles) that is sponsored, recognized or authorized by Solomon Lutheran School.

Permission, consent or assumption of risk by an individual subjected to hazing, bullying or intimidation does not lessen the prohibition contained in this policy.

No employee/volunteer of Solomon Lutheran School shall encourage, permit, condone or tolerate any hazing, bullying, and/or intimidation activities. No student is permitted to plan, encourage or participate in any hazing, bullying, and/or intimidation activities.

Harassment, intimidation or bullying can take many forms including, but not limited to:

  • slurs
  • rumors
  • jokes
  • innuendos
  • demeaning comments
  • extortion, damage or stealing of money and /or personal property
  • exclusion from the peer group
  • drawings/cartoons
  • pranks
  • gestures
  • physical attacks
  • threats/taunts/intimidation
  • repetitive and hostile behavior through the use of web-based/online sites, such as:
    • posting slurs on Web sites or Web logs
    • sending abusive/threatening instant messages
    • posting embarrassing photographs of students online
    • using Web sites to promote gossip/rumors
    • excluding others from an online group through false reporting of inappropriate language to Internet service providers
    • any other written, oral, physical or electronically transmitted message/image

This policy is not intended to prevent expression of religious, philosophical or political views as long as the expression does not disrupt the educational environment. Behavior that does not reach the level of harassment, intimidation or bullying may still be prohibited by other policies, building, classroom, or program rules.



Students will receive age-appropriate information on the recognition and prevention of harassment, intimidation or bullying at the beginning of the school year and on other appropriate occasions. The information will include a copy of the Incident Reporting Form which will also be available on-line.


Staff will receive annual training on the school’s policy and procedure, including staff roles and responsibilities, how to monitor common areas and the use of the Incident Reporting Form.

Complaint Process

Formal Complaints

Students, parents/guardians, or school personnel may file a formal written report with any school staff member which will then be immediately forwarded to the principal for review and action. The Incident Reporting Form will be available online or in the school office and shall include:

  • persons involved
  • number of times/places/dates of the alleged conduct
  • the target of the suspected HIB
  • names of any student or staff witnesses.

Informal Complaints

Students, parents/guardians, or school personnel may make a verbal report to school personnel. Such complaints should provide the same information as in a formal complaint. The school personnel receiving the complaint shall promptly document the complaint in writing using the Incident Reporting Form and forward the completed report to the principal.

Anonymous Complaints
Students and/or their custodial parents/guardians may make an informal complaint as described above and request to maintain anonymous. After review of the complaint, reasonable action will be taken by the principal to the extent that the action (1) does not disclose the source of the complaint or (2) maintains the due process rights of the alleged individual(s).

Reporting Obligations

Reports to Parents/Guardians

If after investigation, acts of HIB are confirmed, the custodial parent/guardian of the perpetrator(s) shall be notified in writing of the finding and a description of the necessary disciplinary consequences. The parent/guardian of the victim(s) shall also be notified in writing while maintaining the statutory privacy rights of the perpetrator.

Reports to Solomon Lutheran Christian Day School Board Chair

Semiannually, the principal shall provide a written summary to the Christian Day School Board Chair and make such report available on the school’s Web site.


Interventions are designed to correct/minimize the impact on the targeted individual(s) and others affected by the violation, to alter the behavior of the instigator, and to restore a positive school atmosphere.

Frequency of incidents, developmental age of those involved, and the severity of conduct will be considered when determining intervention strategies. Interventions will range from counseling, correcting behavior and discipline, suspension to law enforcement referrals if necessary.

Violation of the Anti -Harassment, Anti-Intimidation and Anti-Bullying policy will be considered a Level 2 or Level 3 offense depending upon the severity of the offense. Please see Solomon’s Parent and Student Handbook regarding the Discipline Policy.

Retaliation/False Allegations

Retaliation is prohibited and will result in appropriate discipline. It is in violation of this policy to threaten/harm someone for reporting harassment, bullying, intimidation or discrimination.

It is also a violation of this policy to knowingly report false allegations of harassment, intimidation, or bullying. False allegations will be subject to appropriate discipline.

Individuals will not be disciplined for making reports in good faith.

This policy will be available in the annual school handbook and made available at least once per school year.

Cross References: Solomon Lutheran School Discipline Policy
Legal References:
ORC 3313.666
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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

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