Updated School Policies

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Solomon Personnel,

The Solomon Christian Day School Committee has updated the parent student handbook and COVID-19 health and safety policies as it pertains to the upcoming school year. Both are available on our website for full review. 

Our goal is to maintain safe, in person instruction for the entire school year. We listened to your concerns as expressed in the survey responses, reviewed guidance from the Center of Disease Control, Ohio Department of Health, Ohio Department of Education and considered the Academy of American Pediatrics recommendations. After hours of discussion and prayerful consideration, Solomon will begin the school year at Phase 2. 

Phase 2 is defined in the COVID Policies as: Students and personnel are required to wear a face covering when social distancing is not possible and in common spaces such as the hallways, restrooms, lunch line or classroom when working closer than 3’ from another unless they provide documentation of their vaccination. 

Therefore, when students are in the classroom and seated at their desks which will be 3’ apart from each other, it is your choice as to whether or not you would allow your child to remove his or her mask. The teachers will be discussing your preference at your before school conference and instruct your child appropriately. Students will not need to wear masks when eating or outside.

Quarantine: Please keep in mind that Solomon must follow quarantine protocol. See the flowchart at the end of the policy document for clarification. In summary, if your child is exposed to COVID-19 at school and is not “consistently wearing a mask” then they will be quarantined for at least 7 days. We will provide online instruction and material during this time. If anyone from your household is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, waiting for test results, or diagnosed with COVID-19, your child should not report to school.

Reporting an absence: Please see the symptoms portion of the COVID-19 guidance. If your child is experiencing a symptom as outlined in Group A or symptoms from Group B, please keep them home from school. If symptoms develop at school, you will be called to come pick up your child. If your child will miss a day of school, call the school office and indicate the reason for absence and if you would like to pick up missed work. Your compliance following these precautions will prevent others from potential quarantine periods. 

Visitors and Volunteer hours: Vaccinated individuals are permitted in the building without a mask. Unvaccinated individuals are asked to follow Phase 2 masking guidelines as listed above. We are planning on scheduling events similar to those held prior to the pandemic. The safety of all will be considered prior to finalizing those details. The Solomon Education Association is planning some of those events and needs your help. There is a meeting scheduled on August 30 at 7pm for all to join. Officers are needed for the school year. Twenty Volunteer Hours per student are required. Teachers may have some at home work that you can do to help them prepare for the year, please ask them if interested. If you would like to help with arrival and dismissal or at recess, please let me know. There are sign-up sheets posted on the main floor for you to complete if interested in an event.

Arrival and departure: Students should arrive with a mask on. Similar to last school year, students with last names beginning with A-K and all families with preschool and nursery students will be dropped off and be picked up through the playground doors. Students with last names L-Z will arrive and depart from the lobby doors. If students are utilizing before or after school care, they should enter the lobby doors. Adults picking up children after school hours should also report to the lobby for entrance. Parents will be given a laminated sign with their child’s name to hold up or put in the windshield of their car for pick up. Vehicles should line up and slowly pull forward to let their student(s) exit or enter the vehicle. Children learn independence when they are able to enter the building on their own. However, if younger children need reassurance when entering the first few days of school, you are welcome to help them into the building following visitor guidelines. The teachers’ attention will be on the students’ needs and greeting them in the morning. If you have any concerns which require a private or lengthy conversation, please schedule an appointment with the teacher at another time. 

Additional safety precautions: All students will have their temperatures checked using a digital thermometer measured at the wrist instead of forehead as they enter the building. We will continue to follow cleaning and sanitizing practices. Proper hand-washing and cough and sneeze hygiene practices will be reinforced by the teachers. Air filtration units for the building are being purchased to add an additional layer of protection. 

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