Student Safety

Dismissal Procedure

            All are reminded that the parking lot behind the school, adjacent to the playground, is reserved for parent drive-thru at dismissal time. If you choose to park and come into the building to meet your student, please park in the lot across Cherry Street. For your child’s safety, it is not recommended to park on Elm Street for your child to walk to your vehicle as cars are exiting. We encourage you to use the drive-thru service. To expedite the pick-up line, please pull forward past the doors to allow 4-5 students to enter vehicles at a time. If your student is not ready when you pull through, you will be asked to loop around to the end of the line.

Entry Doors

            The lobby doors are locked at all times and monitored by a staff member through a camera/intercom system. Please allow the staff to open the doors for all entering the building. Your kindness to open a door for another parent is appreciated, but may cause a security breach as custody circumstances and other unknown factors may not be known by all. Unless the ramp is preferred, exiting the building on the left will allow those needing access to be more closely monitored by staff. Standing in front of the entry door also interferes with the sensor and mechanics of the door operator. Thank you for waiting away from the entry door. We may not recognize you with a hat or sunglasses on, our apologies if we ask who you are before giving you access to the building.

            Please communicate the above to all adults who may be picking up or delivering your child. Your cooperation with the dismissal and arrival procedure is appreciated. Any inconvenience to you is only meant to keep all children safe. Thank you for complying. 

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