Small class sizes make a difference.

The Toledo Blade recently shared a story about one teacher’s experience with small class sizes. Here at Solomon, the students and teachers get to experience these benefits everyday.

  • Students receive individualized learning,
  • Additional time for learning due to less time needed for transitioning between academic blocks,
  • Focused attention for students to see how much they are loved.

Small class sizes gives Solomon the ability to give each student a higher quality of education and a stronger sense of belonging. The Solomon family believes in helping each other grow in knowledge, faith, and health, which are all made possible thanks to our Small Class sizes and Big Hearts creating a Strong Foundation for each child’s future.

If you would like to read more, you can find the original article from Journal Sentinel by following this link:

Thank you to Rebecca Segal from Milwaukee public schools for sharing her experience, and to the Journal Sentinel and Toledo Blade for publishing her story.

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