Chocolate Sale Prizes

Congratulations to our chocolate prize award winners! The students wore pajamas to school, had ice cream and watched a movie. Reported earlier was Liam Combs who pulled the Lollipop worth $20, Haylee Ford who won the 5lb. chocolate bar and our Golden ticket finders who won a 1lb. chocolate bar were Liam Combs, Tyler Baumgartner, Adrie Nash and Makinley Rife. For selling at least two boxes, Gretchen Miller won Principal for the Day and a $25 Target gift card. For selling 4 boxes Bradley Fetzer won the $50 Dave & Buster’s gift card. Students who sold 5 boxes won a money ball and had a chance at winning some cash by making a shot of their choice. Xander Lauer made his free throw and won $5, Madi Hammer and Emma Hammer made basketball coach, April Hammer proud by making their 3 point shots winning $10 each! Congratulations to all and thank you!

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